Customer reviews are really important to me and to anyone considering using me as their Pilates instructor. If you would like to leave your feedback please contact me on my Contact page.

Please have a read below of what some of my lovely clients have said:

“I have really felt the benefit of your classes and appreciate the guidance you have given me over the last few months. Thank you for being so welcoming and flexible.”


“I started Pilates with Yasmina last summer, working on my core and balance and the results have been excellent. My posture has dramatically improved and squash results also – thanks Yasmina!”


“As someone who has only started Pilates this year I have really enjoyed the classes with Yasmina. The classes are designed for everybody and there is always a warm, friendly atmosphere. I would recommend Yasmina’s classes to anyone who is interested in starting Pilates.”


“Over a year ago I started a new office based job. Since then I found my posture was getting worse and I was suffering really bad back pain. After joining your Pilates class I’m so much more flexible and my back has dramatically improved. Not only has it helped my posture but I look forward to going every week, the class is so much fun and you’re a wonderful instructor. I can’t thank you enough.” 


“Great to meet you, you are clearly passionate about Pilates and tuned in very quickly to my needs so hope that we can work together again.”


“I have been attending Yasmina’s Pilates classes since September last year and can honestly say they are excellent. She covers a range of movements using different equipment each week so we are learning new exercises all the time. The classes are definitely helping to strengthen my core and help my back so I am very pleased.”


“I can 100 % recommend Yasmina’s Pilates classes. Class size is small so always guaranteed a good level of personal attention and each class focuses on something different. In addition Yasmina has such a fun and sunny personality it’s always a pleasure to come to class.” 


“Thoroughly enjoyed Yasmina’s Pilates classes over the last year, lot’s of fun! Each class has been different and progressively more testing. Pilates has complimented my strength & fitness training in the gym teaching me to concentrate on breathing & core stability, taking my health and fitness to whole new level!” 


“I’ve been doing Pilates with Yasmina twice a week for almost a year. It relieves stress and makes me feel more relaxed. I’ve improved my posture and muscle tone. The classes are fun and Yasmina varies the exercises to keep things interesting. She’s amazing and always has a lovely smile. Highly recommended!”


“I’ve been going to this class since it first started, I’ve attended other classes and I must say this is my favourite! The classes are small, personal and fun!
I always come out of the class knowing I have achieved a little more and are one step closer to that perfect “butt” and “beach body”.
Would highly recommend this class to anyone especially the “slightly older” ladies like myself and friend.” 


“Amazing pilates class! Lovely smiling teacher .friendly atmosphere.I have only joined recently and I am new to pilates but can’t wait for the next lesson…really enjoying myself.”


“I started Pilates as I had a painful lower back, Yasmina was externally supportive and the class was really fun. The right amount of challenge and of course banter. Really recommend it.”


“I have always thought of joining a Pilates class but never got round to it but so glad my husband whose been going to Yasmina for a while said I should try it out!
So glad I did she really is an excellent teacher for the advanced and the beginners like me ! Looking forward to my next class”


“I love going Pilates class on a Monday evening with yasmina, I’m a beginner but am loving the class! We have a good laugh, a great group of people of all different ages and abilities. And every week we use different equipment, which makes the class really interesting,
can’t wait till next Monday to do it all again”


“As a runner I was looking for something to compliment and improve my running so decided to give pilates a go. I am so glad I found Yasmina and joined her beginners sessions. I absolutely love my weekly class. Yasmina is one of the smiliest, loveliest people I have ever met. Her classes are motivating and interesting – I never know what piece of equipment will be waiting on my mat! She is supportive and encouraging and works us hard with a smile on her face. I have seen positive changes in my body and in my running. I would recommend Yasmina’s pilates classes to anyone”


“I love my classes with Yasmina and really look forward to them. She works really hard to make sure we all enjoy our classes and have different things to do every week to keep things fresh. I’m really feeling the benefits in my posture and strength. Thanks Yasmina”


“Friendly, welcoming Pilates class. A good workout too, you feel it after! If you’re thinking about starting Pilates, try this. Yasmina and those attending will soon put you at ease. Would thoroughly recommend her classes.”


“Super class with a super teacher, I look forward to it every week.”


“Having to have my spine realigned every three months for longer than I can remember, on my last two visits I haven’t needed to and this is all down to Yasmina and her Pilates lessons!!! She makes the lessons fun and relaxed and I look forward to them every week xx”


“Yasmina is honestly one of the best Pilate’s instructors that I know, she is caring and very supportive while being mimdful to peoples injuries ect and giving alternatives when needed.
I would recommend Yasmina to anybody that would like to start as a beginner or advanced as she has classes to suit all.
Thank you for all the help and support that you have given me since having my op in August.” 


“Yasmina is a caring, professional Pilates instructor with a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in creating and adapting her classes to suit your needs, injuries and goals. Can’t thank her enough for helping me keep my back pain at bay!”


“Having never tried Pilates before, I was encouraged to do so by my son who was pleased he had done so.  My experience since July 2017 of Pilates and of the friendly and thoughtful way that Yasmina teaches her Pilates classes (I now go twice a week) is that there is simply no downside to my twice weekly classes that have over the months improved my overall flexibility and fitness and are at the same time fun (in a tough way!) and are great after a busy day.”


“Having suffered with severe lower back pain for two decades and countless visits to the Chiropracter and Osteopath, I started Yasmina’s Pilates class in May 2017 and it transformed my life.  Yasmina is a wonderful teacher and I have met such lovely people in the classes.  Pilates nights are my favourite nights of the week.  Can’t recommend the class or Yasmina’s teaching skills enough.”


“Glad I joined this small friendly class. Yasmina makes it fun even if your body tells you different! I definitely feel I am benefiting from All4Pilates and will continue to do so.” 


“Yasmina’s Pilates classes are great. She’s very patient and makes the classes a great experience.”


“Always look forward to our class and seeing Yasmina’s Happy smiley face. Her classes are great and never too many people …so no hiding at the back of the class! I’m no fitness queen but I thoroughly enjoy Pilates and feel so much better since starting. Thank you Yasmina!”


“I have a bad back and my doctor, chiropractor and physiotherapist all recommended I tried Pilates. I have been doing it for a couple of months now and it has definitely strengthened my back. I haven’t had any problems with it since I got into Pilates.“


“I’m fairly new to Pilates but a total convert thanks to Yasmina. Her classes are challenging yet enjoyable, I really look forward to them. I’m
So glad I’ve added Pilates to My exercise regime for the many benefits it will bring.“


“I really look forward to going to my Pilates class with Yasmina every week. It’s always interesting and challenging and Yasmina is so smiley and encouraging. Class size is small and friendly and I would recommend to anyone wanting to give Pilates a try whether you’ve given it a whirl before or are a complete beginner. Thank you Yasmina!”


“A really enjoyable class led by the lovely Yasmina. Would highly recommend to first timers wondering whether pilates is for them.”


“I love Yasmina’s classes as they are a Pilates lesson with a work out too. She’s a great teacher and makes the classes fun and friendly. Yasmina makes sure you go at your own pace, and also that you are doing the exercises correctly. I highly recommend these classes!”


“I am new to Pilates and this week is my 3rd session at the beginners level.
I am really enjoying the class and Yasmina is so encouraging and caring and takes everyone’s ability and any potential injuries into consideration.
Yasmina has time for everyone in the class and each session is fun and stimulating.”


“Am on week 4 with Yasmina and love the class!! She is so upbeat and makes the exercises so enjoyable whilst watching everyone individually.”


“Great Pilates class, I have only started recently but Yasmina’s instructions are easy to follow and she takes time to ensure that you do the exercises correctly. All the equipment is provided! Yasmina is very friendly and I would definitely recommend this class!”


“I have recently joined the class and have found the trainer to be very knowledgeable and very professional in her field. Yasmina explains fully and has a very friendly manner which puts you at ease. Excellent class which I would recommend to others.”


“I so enjoy Yasmina’s Pilates classes – they are varied and challenging and fun! Yasmina is very friendly and helpful and takes and interest in each person in the class and I am definitely feeling the benefit now I have been going for a few months. Highly recommended!”


“Great sessions with Yasmina! They are always challenging and different each week! Yasmina is incredibly friendly with amazing warm energy. Always smiling which creates a lovely atmosphere in the classes. I walk away from every session feeling really good! Thank You”