For your convenience, Frequently Asked Questions are answered right here.

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Q: Who can benefit from Pilates?

A: Everybody can benefit from Pilates. The young,  middle aged and elderly, the desk bound and inactive, the pregnant and post natal, those needing pre- and post operation strengthening, those referred by their doctor, physio, osteopath, chiropractor or other practitioner, those who suffer back pain, back ache and other back problems, those with poor posture and curvature of the spine, those with neck and shoulder pains and problems, those with joint and muscle pains, stiffness whether cause by arthritis/osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia or other things, those with sports and other injuries, those with stress.

Q: How do I start?

A: The best way to start is by giving me a call to find out how I can meet your needs and if you want to take things further, you can book a place in one of my classes or you may feel that you would benefit from a one-to-one session to teach you the basics. I will ask you to complete a form that asks you a series of questions about your medical history, current health, fitness and objectives.

Q: What will I need to bring to class?

A: Please bring your own mat and head support – this can be a small cushion, a rolled up towel or a Pilates block.
Ensure you wear comfortable clothing, preferably not too loose fitting so that I can easily assess your positioning.

Q: How long are the classes and are they term time only?

A: Classes last one hour and run in blocks of five week terms continuously throughout the year. We don’t break for school holidays. You can opt for PAYG sessions should you not be able to commit to the term.

Q: When can I expect to see results?

A: ‘In ten sessions’, suggested Joseph Pilates himself, ‘you will feel the difference; in 20 you will see the difference; and in 30 you will have a whole new body’.

Most people do start to feel a difference after 10 sessions, getting the sense, for example, that they are walking taller and moving in a looser, suppler way. The longer they persist, the more they will tend to see and feel the shape of their body slowly change.

If you have any other questions not listed above please contact me direct.