Pre and Post Natal Pilates –  Pregnancy Pilates Classes

There are so many benefits of continuing to exercise during and after pregnancy. Research suggests that women who continue to exercise during pregnancy and lactation at the same level gain less weight, deposit less fat, feel better, have shorter labours and recover more rapidly than those who stop or don’t exercise. (Clapp, 2002, 1996; Beckmann and Beckmann, 1990; Rice and Fort, 1991) Furthermore, there have been no identifiable maternal ill-effects of exercising during pregnancy. Some of these benefits, to name just a few,  include:

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

  • maintenance of muscle length and flexibility
  • reduced risk of low back pain
  • reduced maternal weight gain
  • improved circulation
  • improved coordination and body awareness
  • preparation for labour

Benefits of exercise after pregnancy

  • quicker post natal recovery
  • improved posture
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased self confidence
  • increased weight loss, improved body image
  • increased energy

**Before starting any exercise programme it is vital to get clearance from your health professional during and after pregnancy as there may be some contraindications to exercise.**

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